Africa for Africans, yes!

For the past few decades, quite a number of Africans are believed to have deserted their continent in a bid to find greener pastures in Europe, America and parts of Asia.


Today, it is astonishing but equally interesting that some African countries are topping the list as hosts of refugees from the conflict – affected parts of the continent.

By Lotara Charles – Editor


When it comes to hosting large influxes of refugees, Africa which has been soiled by the western sponsored media as a dark and developing continent was unheard of in that aspect.

However, the outrage comes when the Norwegian Refugee Council and the United Nations Refugee Agency reports indicate that, some African countries are hosting more refugees than Europe and America, is the slogan “African solutions for African problems” finally working? That is exactly the question one might ask.

Though they did not point out all the countries in their twitter post, Uganda under president Museveni, has emerged as a topping host of refugees fleeing political and economic crisis from countries like South Sudan, Darfur, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

While the continent boasts for such remarkable achievement, it is empirically clear that food aid and financial assistance still comes from foreign pretenders and eurocentric egomaniacs who call themselves donors. These vectors should not be bedfellow as their “aid” is a satire to economic and political mayhem in Africa.

As Donald Trump’s bigotry rhetoric says “America for Americans,” so is Africa!