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“I will defer if Chelsea win the premier league title”

Forget those who place thousands or even millions of cash on sport betting, a forth year student at Great Zimbabwe University sacrifices his academic future and reiterates his promise to defer only if Chelsea snatch away the Premier League title from their London rivals Tottenham at the end of the season.

By Lotara Charles


Official Premier League Season Launch Media Event

Chelsea dropped three points last weekend to Manchester United, a result which closed the gap from seven points lead to just four points making the title race wide open, with both teams having five games to play before the dramatic 2016/17 premier league campaign comes to an end and the forth year first semester student who preferred to remain anonymous, is confident Antonio Conte’s men will lose the league.

“Look at how the gap is narrowing between Chelsea and Tottenham, from 15 points clear, to just 4 points. It’s game on! If Chelsea win the Premier League title I will defer my studies” said the 23 years old Man United – Tottenham turned fan.

It is however not surprising in the betting arena that some soccer fanatics especially the married ones, go as far as placing their spouses. It happened in Uganda in 2011 where a man optimistically put his wife as a bet when Manchester City and Man United headed for a crucial derby which would determine the fate of the title race. The case which controversially ended up in the court of law saw the man almost losing his wife, thanks to the Uganda’s Women’s Rights group that blocked the move.

The sport world is filled with extraordinary obsession especially with the fans to the extent that they do whatever it takes to silence the odds.

Russia decriminalises domestic violence as long as you don’t break their bones

Vladimir Putin has signed a law that significantly reduces the punishment for domestic violence.


Russian president Vladimir Putin’s meme

Critics said that the new bill will make holding abusers accountable even more difficult.

The measure, approved earlier by the rubber-stamp parliament, reduces the penalty for violence against family members when it is the first such offence and does not cause serious injury, re-classifying it as an administrative misdemeanour punishable by a fine

Previously such action was defined as battery, and was punishable by up to two years in jail.

Conservative proponents of the change argued it was not right to punish parents for disciplining their children and said the state should back out of private domestic affairs.

However the move sparked rare protest in Russia and critics said it would exacerbate the already-widespread problem of domestic abuse of women by making it even harder for them to get help through the legal system.

According to the state statistics agency, in 2015 there were 49,579 crimes involving violence in the family, of those 35,899 involving violence against a woman.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov last month said that it is important to tell the difference between serious violence and ‘various manifestations of family relations.’

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Angry husband fills wife’s car with concrete

Only in Russia would a wronged husband take revenge on an unfaithful wife with this extreme payback, and only in Russia would it be for this reason.

It seemed this unnamed man and his wife were going through a rough patch in their relationship, after the lady admitted that she’d cheated on him, but they were trying to work it out.

Then – without even telling him – she legally changed her surname from his to that of a local supermarket, to take advantage of its promotional offer of a cash prize of 50 000 roubles ($800) for anybody willing to do so.

That was the final straw, apparently, so he parked his wife’s prized Chevrolet, which she always kept in spotless condition inside and out, in front of the supermarket and had a local builder fill it up to windowsill level with ready-mixed concrete.

Unsurprisingly, since the car is now too heavy to either pick up or tow away, it’s still there.

And why was the name change so hurtful? The name of the supermarket, and now his wife’s surname, is “Verniy” – the Russian world for “loyal”

Please watch the video clip below

Weird Russia reports.


Naked Man Breaks Into Pizza Place, Shows Own Sausage And Meatballs

The thief didn’t take any pizza or any dough.

He’s a real pizza work.

Baltimore County police are looking for a man who broke into a pizza restaurant last Thursday morning while naked.

It didn’t start that way. The robber was clothed when he entered Slice Pizza through an air vent, but he stripped naked when he got inside, according to CBS Baltimore.

Surveillance video caught the burglar with his pants down, off actually. And, yes, the suspect’s own sausage and meatballs are clearly visible.

The naked thief managed to damage a vent hood and several registers. But he didn’t eat any pizza and he didn’t take any dough, just a water bottle from the store, according to ABC2News.


Yani Rizas, who owns Slice Pizza in Towsen, admits he did a double take when he came to the restaurant a couple hours after the break-in.

“Seeing it was weird, knowing that somebody was naked running around the store,” Rizas told local station WBAL TV. “Everybody’s mouths just dropped and we couldn’t help but laugh because that’s something that doesn’t happen every day. It’s funny to see that.”

The saucy surveillance video is below, but has been blurred.

Police are asking for help finding the thief. Anyone with information is asked to call 410-307-2020.

In addition, the restaurant is offering a lifetime of pizza for information that nabs the naked robber.

Heartbreak for runner who finished 100-mile marathon to discover he was disqualified for taking WRONG TURN

Emotional footage shows the moment professional endurance athlete Gary Robbins stumbled across the line and collapsed breathless to the ground


Race organizer Laz confirmed that Gary has been disqualified

He explains the moment it dawned on him that he had taken a wrong turn and describes making the decision to carry on.

“In that raw moment however, I see two options, turn back up the mountain and finish over time, or shoot a bearing and find yet one more reserve of energy to get to the yellow gate in under 60 hours,” he wrote.

“I bushwhacked down the mountain at breakneck speed and I found myself at a large river. The river was maybe fifteen feet wide and absolutely raging from all the rain we were experiencing. I took one step off the river bank and was already chest deep.

“I would never have made the decision to attempt to swim such waters under anything other than a highly sleep deprived and stressed state of mind.”

“I washed out on the other side maybe thirty feet down stream,” he wrote. “I continued bushwhacking and quickly spotted the road into camp. I had less than three minutes left till the sixty hour cutoff.

I thrashed my way to the road and put my head down and gutted out the hardest three minutes of my life to collapse at the gate, overtime, and from the wrong direction.

I did not finish The Barkley Marathons, and that is no one’s fault but my own. That one fatal error with just over two miles to go haunts me.”

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This man has been sending his ex-girlfriend the same text message EVERY DAY for three years

U OK hun?


Picasso stunned his ex – girlfriend by sending her “I hate you” everyday for three years.

Everyone has a break-up coping mechanism .

Something to get you through those initial sad – and often ugly – weeks when every song reminds you of them and you feel like you will die alone and unnoticed by the world.

Then comes the day when, actually, you’re no longer a crying wreck – nor a seething ball of anger and resentment.

One man has yet to achieve this state of post break-up Nirvana .

Which is fine, except his relationship with the girl he still texts at the same time every day was THREE YEARS AGO.

Still not over it

Known only has ‘Picasso’, the silver-tongued charmer posted a photo on Twitter of the text he repeatedly sends his ex-girlfriend each day.

To ensure he never forgets to do so, he also sets an alarm to remind himself.

It also looks like he’s one of those people who can’t just have the one alarm and hit snooze.

Obviously we don’t know what their relationship was like, nor what lead to their break-up.

Maybe she made his life a living hell before trampling over his heart.

That said, this is a new and unprecedented level of petty.

Not to mention borderline harassment?

He might do better to channel all that negative energy into just getting over it.

If wikiHow advice doesn’t do it, we don’t know what will.

Man yells ‘I am spiderman’ and jumps from window after being dumped

A man was left with a broken ankle after yelling ‘I am spiderman’ as he jumped from a second-storey window shortly after being dumped.

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Man yells 'I am spiderman' and jumps from window after being dumped picture: Google Maps

The 40-year-old was left with a broken ankle and several cuts.

The unnamed 40-year-old, from Jackson in Michigan, is said to have began ‘losing it’ after his girlfriend broke up with him, according to police.

He is claimed to have run into the home next door, where he allegedly struck a seven-year-old girl for no reason before striking a man who tried to intervene over the head with an ashtray.

After breaking free from a struggle he then jumped through the open window yelling ‘I’m spiderman’, reports M-Live.

The man, who also suffered cuts to his body, was taken to hospital for treatment.

The seven-year-old girl and other man were left with minor injuries, Interim Director of Police and Fire Services Elmer Hitt said.

No arrests have been made.