Chivi disaster leaves over 40 families homeless

By Charles Lotara


CHIVI (ZIMBABWE)- The devastating hailstorm in Chivi district has reportedly left over 40 families homeless, amid fears the figure could rise.

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Hail is a form of solid precipitation. It is distinct from ice pellets, though the two are often confused. It consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice, each of which is called a hailstone.

Masvingo Provincial Administrator Fungai Mbetsa confirmed the report and said the province is engaging humanitarian organizations such as the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society to help out families which were victimized by the disaster.

“We got the report last week, and I can confirm that 40 families have been affected. We are looking forward to assist them as quick as we can. We are going to provide them with shelter and food,” said Fugai.

The most affected areas of the district were Wards 18 and 16 but Fungai says after doing assessment of the disaster, more areas and families could be affected.

“Initially it was reported that 40 families were affected. However, when assessment was carried out the number was more than that. The hailstorm affected majorly Wards 18 and 16 but there is possibility that more areas could be affected,” he said.

Meanwhile, report received by Masvingo Provincial Spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula indicates that Rukasi, Matondo, Zimani, Maoneke and Tumba villages under headman Chipindu were the most affected.

The powerful hailstorm which started on 25th November 2017 at 2315 hours to 0245 hours 26th November, 2017 uprooted trees, swept away 41 households, and left three people injured.

Runotida Marisa, a female adult aged 68 was admitted to the hospital with a swollen head while Edward Manyanga and Miedzo Machidha (age not provided) had bruises over their bodies but the report says the two were treated and discharged.

When contacted for comment, the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society said they were yet to confirm the incidence before referring the rest of the questions to their main office.

Chivi district was also one of the affected areas when Cyclone Dineo hit Masvingo Province earlier this year where several homesteads were marooned and destroyed by floods after the bursting of Shashe River

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