Calls to tackle young sex workers’ menace grow

…as prostitution sucks in more teenagers

By Charles Lotara


MASVINGO (ZIMBABWE)- The National Aids Council (NAC) says it is appalled by recently development which shows a vast number of young people indulging into a commercial sex business and calls for joint community efforts to rescue the teenagers from the menace.


Official Logo of the National Aids Council – Zimbabwe

In an interview with Evos Makoni, the National Aids Council Provincial Manager for Masvingo, the number of young sex workers is on the rise and what still remain mind-cracking are the reasons motivating them to get into the health-threatening business.

Makoni says NAC does not condone sex workers especially those from 24 years of age and below adding that for it to be successful, relevant Ministries and Departments, including the media fraternity should be engaged to create awareness.

Ministry of Youths, Ministry of Gender and Ministry of Education and the Police Department are called upon to join hands and mitigate the rampant spread of teenage prostitution.

“We have to find mitigation to it; we can only achieve this if we engage relevant departments and ministries. Prostitution against young people is an injustice, if we can eradicate or take it out completely we would have a sustainable community.” He said.

“It is at the dawn when scantily-dressed sex workers, most of them young women, lean on the perimeter fence of a popular nightspot at Mupandawana Growth Point in Gutu,” he added

Chivi Turnoff and Zerera were also roped in as districts where commercial sex workers sit on wooden benches in front of the dimly-light bar awaiting clients while some roam around the bars, hoping to entice an imbiber.

Makoni said “Occasionally, a man comes up, negotiates with one of the sex workers, and the two stroll off to the nearby maize field.”

Analysis done by NAC so far shows Gutu leading the trail with 40 young commercial workers roaming the streets, Zerera accommodating 17 as 16 more are spotted at Chivi Turnoff in Chivi District. Complete statistics expected after the full analysis as the team from the National Aids Council is obtaining the results.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Provincial Education Director for Masvingo Andrew Chikwange says, schools are doing their best in offering sex education.

“The schools are doing their best as far as sex education is concerned. The problem is, not all schools are boarding and this makes it difficult to know what the young ones do when they are out of the school,” he said before referring additional questions to the Provincial Education Director who was not available for comments.

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