Zimbabwe: Lock Her Up! MDC-T Says of Grace


THE MDC-T party has joined hands with war veterans who have demanded First Lady Grace Mugabe’s arrest for attempting to reduce Zimbabwe into a Mugabe fiefdom.


Addressing a Zanu PF Women’s League meeting in Harare last Thursday, the First Lady said her 93-year-old husband should name his successor, adding Mugabe’s pick must go unchallenged.

MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu said his party would prefer a situation where President Robert Mugabe’s wife, who is secretary general for the ruling party’s Women’s League, is held responsible for her statement.

“As a social democratic political party, the MDC will never ever condone the creation of a Mugabe political dynasty or any other family dynasty for that matter,” Gutu said in a statement this Saturday.

He added, “As a sovereign republic, Zimbabwe should be governed by a legitimate and responsible administration that is elected by the people in free and fair elections, in accordance with the dictates of our national Constitution.

“In this respect, therefore, we are in full agreement with the statement that was issued by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) in which they are calling for the arrest of Grace Mugabe for telling Mugabe to appoint a successor.

“Not too long ago, some very senior leaders of the ZNLWVA were arrested for making the exact utterances as those made by Grace Mugabe.”

 Since her appointment as Women’s League secretary, Grace has become increasingly powerful, publicly condemning senior Zanu PF officials–some of whom have since been fired from the party and government.

The latest statement however, appears to contradict her earlier remarks in the succession race in which she bragged that Mugabe was anointed by God to rule Zimbabwe and would do so even from a wheelchair or worse the grave.

Gutu said the first lady should remember that her husband has presided over policies and actions that have reduced the country into a bankrupt, lawless state deeply impoverished and dependent on donor funds.

“By openly encouraging and condoning corruption in high places, Mugabe is directly responsible for creating the debilitating culture of rampant and insipid corruption that is now endemic in all facets of Zimbabwean life,” he said.

“The people of Zimbabwe have suffered through decades of Zanu PF misrule, unchecked corruption and rampant abuse of their fundamental human rights and liberties.”

The country will hold elections next year and Zanu PF has since endorsed Mugabe as its presidential candidate.

Gutu said Zimbabweans must not be deprived of their political right to choose a president of their choice.

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