What is independence for?

“A cock does not roost at another’s home,” says an African proverb. This saying reminds me of the most striking and disturbing moment when a total stranger comes to my home not only to tell me what to do, but also how it is done.

By Lotara Charles – the editor

United Sates President Donald Trump (left) and Zimbabwean President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

For the past few decades, the United Sates of America and the European Union have been pushing for a new form of colonization by imposing unnecessary double standards on the continent of Africa, demanding their leaders to practice Eurocentrism and Americanization.

They undermined and still undermine the existence of Africa as a continent. I still recall the moment when former united states vice president Joe Bidden addressed Africa as a “country.” This was a clear disrespect if not intellectual and geographical ignorance of the second largest continent in the world.

Recently, allafrica.com reported that, the united states incumbent president Donald Trump had sent special envoy to Zimbabwe to demand political and economic reform in Zimbabwe. I was, and I’m still wondering which African leader went to the US to instruct them what to and how it is done.

The meaning of independence is when a country enjoys her sole sovereignty without unnecessary interference from external forces unless otherwise. In Africa, a continent which is described as “dark” by the UK and American-made English dictionaries, independent states are still being followed by desperate western so-called imperialists who are hungry for resources from the truly resourcefully wealthy continent.

Last year 2016, the Gambian president Yahya Jammeh refused to leave office after conceding a disappointing election defeat to Adama Barrow which ended the 22 years of his tyrannical regime in the Gambia.


Mediated by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia and the chairperson of the regional body, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), brought the issue on the negotiating table where Jammeh adamantly refused to reach a peaceful concensus, forcing the regional body to resort to military threats which consequently forced the then incumbent president to leave office and seek asylum in exile. This was surely and undeniably an African solution to African problem. If it goes out of hands nationally, political mayhem should be settled by a regional body.

Similar step could have been taken by the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU/UMA) against the late Muammar Gaddafi but filled with regime change agenda, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) toppled and brutally killed Gaddafi. Today, Libya remained in a mess with the US purported democracy.

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