GZU to hold fundraising dinner

The Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) is set to hold a fundraising dinner tentatively scheduled on 12th May, 2017 as they seek to permanently relocate the institution to the proposed new site adjacent to the Great Zimbabwe Monuments.

By Lotara Charles


Dr Andrew Chindanya – Pro Vice Chancellor, Great Zimbabwe University.

On a live interview with Star Fm, GZU Pro Vice chancellor Dr Andrew Chindanya revealed the plan adding that, every university is operating in an economic environment which is quite constrained and this makes it mandatory for the institution to hold a fundraising plan.

“We have a fundraising plan lined up on the 12th of May and I think it is important to note that every university is operating in an economic environment that is quite constrained, and I’m sure you are aware that, so far this year quite a number of universities have already hosted some fundraising activities, be it dinners and so on,” he said.

“So, we are specifically fundraising for the construction of the consultation hall at our plaza adjacent to Great Zimbabwe Monuments and this consultation hall will also serve as a multipurpose hall where we will allow activities like graduation to be conducted,” he added.

GZU, the institution which grew and found space and recognition in the global academic arena since the appointment of Professor Zvobgo as the Vice Chancellor in 2013 uses a multi campus system setup with over around four campuses in the town of Masvingo and their most magnificent Mashava campus located about 40km  away.

The top management seems to believe that, a shift to the new proposed site shall create a more conducive learning environment as compared to its current proximal location where students at times mingle up with villagers and street vendors.

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