“I will defer if Chelsea win the premier league title”

Forget those who place thousands or even millions of cash on sport betting, a forth year student at Great Zimbabwe University sacrifices his academic future and reiterates his promise to defer only if Chelsea snatch away the Premier League title from their London rivals Tottenham at the end of the season.

By Lotara Charles


Official Premier League Season Launch Media Event

Chelsea dropped three points last weekend to Manchester United, a result which closed the gap from seven points lead to just four points making the title race wide open, with both teams having five games to play before the dramatic 2016/17 premier league campaign comes to an end and the forth year first semester student who preferred to remain anonymous, is confident Antonio Conte’s men will lose the league.

“Look at how the gap is narrowing between Chelsea and Tottenham, from 15 points clear, to just 4 points. It’s game on! If Chelsea win the Premier League title I will defer my studies” said the 23 years old Man United – Tottenham turned fan.

It is however not surprising in the betting arena that some soccer fanatics especially the married ones, go as far as placing their spouses. It happened in Uganda in 2011 where a man optimistically put his wife as a bet when Manchester City and Man United headed for a crucial derby which would determine the fate of the title race. The case which controversially ended up in the court of law saw the man almost losing his wife, thanks to the Uganda’s Women’s Rights group that blocked the move.

The sport world is filled with extraordinary obsession especially with the fans to the extent that they do whatever it takes to silence the odds.

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