SRC elections, what is holding it back?

It has been almost a year at Great Zimbabwe University since the administration announced the Student Executive Council (SEC) dissolved, this was followed by the dissolution of the Student Representative Assembly (SRA). The two boards which form the Student Representative Council (SRC) are yet to filled with new and legitimate student leaders but the move to achieve this especially through ballots is seemingly stalling.

By Lotara Charles – The Editor


sec meme

Last year, the SEC polls were conducted with a string of irregularities and inconsistencies which sparked calls from student advocates (politicians) for the admin to nullify the results of what they deemed unfair and non-transparent elections, a decision which placed students’ leadership on the rocks since then.

Meanwhile after nullifying the results, the Vice Chancellor made a pledge to help oeganize and put in place enough equipment to facilitate the smooth running of the electoral processes which he unconstitionally scheduled on the first two weeks of March – June 2017 semester. Among the equipment were ballot papers, and ink but astonishingly semester break went down the line without elections, probably they are coming up in the first two weeks after semester break.

With the former SRA and the current interim executive committee members hanging on each each other’s throats as a result of constitutional appeals, a self – appointed SRA chairperson in the name of Teddy Joe filed a petition to the court, accusing the school admin for being defiant to attend to their plea that the board was unconstitutionally dissolved.

Just like last year, the court positively reacted to the petition and called off the highly anticipated SRA elections organized earlier this semester, a move which was described by many as a revenge to what the Zimbabwe National Student Union (ZINASU) exercised last semester where a petition was submitted and court odered the elections stopped. Teddy however dimissed the debauched and laughable claim that he is being used by external elements to disrupt students’ affairs adding that, he is only against unconstitutional acts though he was unconstitutionally chosen to occupy the office.

The first session of the court hearing saw Teddy’s lawyer asking for time frame for a constitutional review, this led to the withdrawal of the court application during the second session of the hearing which was attended by quite a number of students.

The imported constitution of GZU controversially stipulates that, forth year students are not allowed to take part in students’ representation but this could have been the only way to restore legitimacy in the leadership circle as a forth year student will automatically leave office after one year legitimate term of office.

It is undeniably true that for the SEC elections to take place, the SRA must be settled in their office to organize all the electoral processes but long it will take until all is fixed, is what probably draws huge skepticism among aspiring student leaders consequently throwing their aspiration in shambles.




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