Heartbreak for runner who finished 100-mile marathon to discover he was disqualified for taking WRONG TURN

Emotional footage shows the moment professional endurance athlete Gary Robbins stumbled across the line and collapsed breathless to the ground


Race organizer Laz confirmed that Gary has been disqualified

He explains the moment it dawned on him that he had taken a wrong turn and describes making the decision to carry on.

“In that raw moment however, I see two options, turn back up the mountain and finish over time, or shoot a bearing and find yet one more reserve of energy to get to the yellow gate in under 60 hours,” he wrote.

“I bushwhacked down the mountain at breakneck speed and I found myself at a large river. The river was maybe fifteen feet wide and absolutely raging from all the rain we were experiencing. I took one step off the river bank and was already chest deep.

“I would never have made the decision to attempt to swim such waters under anything other than a highly sleep deprived and stressed state of mind.”

“I washed out on the other side maybe thirty feet down stream,” he wrote. “I continued bushwhacking and quickly spotted the road into camp. I had less than three minutes left till the sixty hour cutoff.

I thrashed my way to the road and put my head down and gutted out the hardest three minutes of my life to collapse at the gate, overtime, and from the wrong direction.

I did not finish The Barkley Marathons, and that is no one’s fault but my own. That one fatal error with just over two miles to go haunts me.”

The above story was originally published here


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