Paedophilia, child abuse or weird sexual orientation

Paedophilia is an immoral and despicable sexual practice where an adult gets sexually attracted to children. That is the definition I always give whenever I’m asked to explain the seemingly bizarre terminology.

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Lotara Charles – Editor

For the past few years, the debate on LGBT dominated the global media platforms as one of the most controversial topics of the time, especially in majority African countries where bizarre sexual practices are prohibited and punishable by law.

When the world struggles to either legalize or dismiss the existence of the LGBT community, paedophilia is increasingly becoming rampant and my main worry along this line is, paedophiles will soon claim this as their sexual orientation and consequently demand it legalized. The acronym then changes to LGBTP I guess.

When African leaders continue crackdowns on weird sexual orientations,  Warren Troy Knoop, a white South African paedophile and salesman was last month (February) sentenced to 32 life sentences and 170 years in prison for 870 charges of rape and possession of child pornography.

His victims included three young girls.

Prosecutor Riana Williams told the court that Knoop’s first victim was born in 2011.

She was a year old when Knoop first fondled her. He stopped raping and sexually molesting the child when she “began talking too much”, the court heard.

Williams said Knoop was worried that the young girl would tell others what he had been doing to her. She said there were images of the girl naked, her legs tied apart, while Knoop masturbated on her. Sounds disgusting!

Meanwhile, an alarming report by the UK based Metro indicates that thousands of predators have gone unpunished for chatting to vulnerable children on the internet – because it’s not technically illegal in England and Wales.

Africans were and are repeatedly called “animals”and their continent described as “dark” but astonishingly, they understand the normal human sexual orientations. What this signifies is that, white people are either at times a bunch of lunatics who do not understand the poignancy of bizarre sexual practices or they are sexual geniuses who place mental illness into law and implement it as a right of a person.

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