World should focus on Duterte

After calling the United States former president Barrack Obama “a son of whore,” Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte now seems to be getting well along with the incumbent president Donald Trump as he continues crackdown on drug abusers.


Rodrigo Duterte – Philippine president 

However, the media outlets seem to pay deft ears to all the atrocities the man who likens himself to Adolf Hitler is committing. Trump’s administration is in a shambles but Duterte’s government is seemingly horrendous.

Reports by the MailOnline and Al Jazeera indicate that the president is backing a bill to lower the age of criminal responsibility arguing that, lowering age from 15 to 9 will hold children accountable for their actions and dozens of minors as young as four have already been reportedly slain in the crackdown.

Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Commission are appalled at the bill which they say will fuel criminality.

What form of names would Duterte have received from the media moguls if he was an African leader? He would have been probably branded a murderer, a ruthless dictator and all sort of names, but since he belongs to an Asian country and has good link with the U.S administration, the world is silent.

Former Libyan iconic leader the late Muammar Gadaffi was barbarically and brutally murdered for simply drawing a road map which puts Africa where the west do not like it to be. He did not pay police to kill his own people, he did not call UN Chief an “idiot.”

It could really be funny for media moguls to enjoy reporting on the political memes between Putin and Donald Trump, but it is also pretty important the world should shift focus on Manilla where innocent and poor citizens are suffering a bloody murder.

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