After a fierce disruption of the State of the Nation Address last week, take a look on the statement released by the Economic Freedom Fighters.



We have convened this briefing to directly communicate with the people of South Africa and the world that we shall not participate in the debate of Jacob Zuma’s illegitimate and redundant speech presented to parliament last week Thursday. This is in keeping with the program of the protest action we have adopted against his occupation of the highest office of president despite the Constitutional Court ruling that declared that he violated his oath of office.

Our protest action has to this point included a double movement of direct action and boycotts. We shall now be adding legal action, in particular as it relates to parliament’s failure in holding Zuma accountable following the Constitutional Court Judgment that he has violated his oath of office.


On many occasions, our call for Zuma to step down is projected as an anti-majoritarian rule as if it is a rejection of the fact that the South African electorate voted the ANC in majority in 2014. It is a fact of record that the EFF has accepted the outcomes of the 2014 elections, including the subsequent election of Zuma as president by parliament. The call for his removal, however, is about a Constitutional Court decision regarding his personal conduct as president and has nothing to do with a majoritarian electoral decision of 2014.

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