Ncube’s book gives ‘hope to sinners’

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BULAWAYO author, Thembelani Ncube has published his debut book, Hope For A Sinner, which he says is aimed at inspiring people to find peace and live in a righteous way.


Thembelani Ncube

In an interview, Ncube said his life experiences had been the main source of inspiration and influence in writing the book, that tackles the day-to-day social issues faced by people and empowers them not to be dejected.

“This is my first book. I am not a practising author, but this book is a product of the grace of God,” he said.

“Hope For A Sinner is a story of the hopelessness, a glimmer of light to the lost, and a seal of wisdom to the victorious. It is based on the premise ‘the law condemns the best of us, but grace saves the worst of us’.

“My passion is to see the rise of a different breed of young people, world shakers, whose works can be fingered even generations’ way after them.”

Ncube said the book is available on hard copy and also on online stores such as Amazon.

He said he was already working on his second book titled This Cross Works, that is based on the revelation that Jesus will rise again.

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